What I learned about Jesus from Dale Gribble.


From Steve Bell.

We’re King of the Hill fans at the Bell household.  My kids are grown but I miss dinners where our entire conversation consisted of lines from the show.

In season 3, Bill has a breakdown of sorts and Hank and the boys look after him in shifts. It begins to wear on all of them and Dale finally complains and says, “Hank, you know it’s not in my nature to care about others.

This struck me from the moment I heard it.  So much so, that I began to use it as a deflection when people would thank me.  After I’d helped the old lady across the street, or after I’d pushed the pregnant mom and her stroller from the path of a speeding car full of bank robbers, they’d thank me profusely and I’d say, “It’s not in my nature to care about others.”

This didn’t work so well, so I stopped.  It wasn’t worth the time to explain the cultural reference and it was a little less than gracious response.

But uttering the words brought it home to me.  It’s not in my unredeemed nature to care about others.  Thankfully I have been redeemed through Christ and it changes everything.

The great thing about growing in Christ is that our behavior becomes instinctive.  We spend less time thinking about the right thing, we just do it. The more we do it, the less difficult the decisions become.

I have less trouble doing the right thing than I used to.  But maybe I can learn to offer a more gracious response when people thank me. My grandfather had a habit of slipping me dollar bills whenever he saw me and I wasn’t sure what I should say.  My Mom said, “Just take them and say thank you.”

So that’s my new approach- take the compliments and say Thank You.  But I sure do miss the confusion on people’s faces…


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