Compassion International

From Tom Andrix. 

As part of Vince’s talk last Sunday on generosity, I presented the opportunity for individuals to sponsor children through Compassion International.  These kids are typically being raised in severe poverty areas of the world with little chance to break the cycle.  Compassion seeks areas of highest need where there is also a strong church presence.  They train, equip and resource local Christians to provide spiritual instruction, education, responsible relational interactions and, where needed, food and more significant medical care.  Compassion is currently in 26 countries partnering with nearly 6,000 churches ministering to over 1 million kids.

Compassion had sent us 15 potential kids to sponsor and I’m thrilled that eleven have already been selected.  We are hoping  in the next week or so for the remaining four to be picked up and sponsored to set a significant milestone in St. Paul’s Outreach.  

Would you like to be a part? Will you take advantage of this opportunity?


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