Seedlings this Week: Courage!


This week’s Seedlings update comes from Brandon and Judy Hawk, who volunteered with the kids this past Sunday. 

In Seedlings this past Sunday, we learned about the courage of Joshua as he led the people into the promised land. We began the lesson by asking the kids if there was anything that they were afraid of. Amazingly, they are all afraid of nothing. After prodding them a little further, we asked them to tell us about things they might have to be brave for.

Once they understood the idea of courage and bravery, we played a game to help them learn the memory verse Joshua 1:9, by reading it off the board and erasing a word or two at a time until they could say it without the help of the words. They really enjoyed that.

Before going on with the lesson, the kids were given a choice to put their hands into one of two paper bags. One bag contained an item that could be scary and the other bag contained a prize that they could take home with them. They were very hesitant about it, and after one child tried it out and picked the bag with the prize, we asked them if they have to be brave to put their hand in the bag. It was a little scary, and we were able to discuss being courageous, but relying on God to help you with that courage.

We then read Joshua 1:1-9, 16-18 and answered some questions about what happened to Joshua and what God did for him.

After answering the questions and going over the memory verse one more time, the kids were able to make some Courage Crunch, in which they decorated paper bags and them filled them up with snack foods such as marshmallows, pretzels, fruit snacks, and cereal. We ended our time writing in our journals and each taking a turn praying for one thing.


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