Prayer for the Philippines

This weekend, Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines with 195 mile per hour winds and driving rains, taking thousands and thousands of lives and leaving unimaginable devastation in its wake. In light of this tragedy, we at St. Paul’s would like to join with churches and organizations around the world who are praying for the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of the nation and the entire region.

World Vision, an organization known for its timely and effective response in emergency situations, has put together a prayer guide for the Philippines and we invite you to use the information they’ve provided and the prayers they’ve written to help direct your own prayers.

From World Vision:

“Pray for displaced families

About 25 million people are affected in Visayas and Luzon. In Bohol, 5,000 families remain sheltered in makeshift tents following the recent earthquake. “Families are displaced and living in cramped conditions,” says Aaron Aspi, World Vision communications officer in the Philippines. “They are exposed to extreme weather” that can lead to sickness.

Lord, keep safe those who were in Typhoon Haiyan’s path, especially the people who were also affected by the recent quake. Only You know their deepest needs and can comfort their anxiety and worry. Keep them healthy and safe as they wait to return to their damaged homes.

Pray for relief and recovery efforts

Typhoon Haiyan’s strong winds and thundering rains have blocked roads, caused landslides, destroyed bridges, and knocked out power and communication lines. “The good news is that the typhoon is on its way out,” says GJeff. “But more will be needed in terms of food, clean water and emergency shelter.” World Vision is committed to distributing relief assistance of food, non-food items, hygiene kits, and emergency shelter; food, clean water, and emergency shelter are top priority for over 100 evacuation centers.

Dear God, clear a path for teams to assess damage and provide immediate relief for affected families. For those who are still in harm’s way, protect and guide them to safety. As the storm passes over the country, place Your hand on the people of the Philippines.

Pray for the safety of children

In the wake of disasters like Typhoon Haiyan, children are the most vulnerable — to sickness, fear, and exploitation. Eighteen development program areas where World Vision works have been affected by Haiyan, including about 35,000 sponsored children.

Heavenly Father, You call all of us Your children. Right now, we ask You to be with the children of the Philippines, especially those who are scared by Haiyan’s fierce wind and rain, and help displaced families stay together.

Pray for aid workers

Many aid workers responding to Typhoon Haiyan have also sustained damage to their own homes, yet continue working to serve others who have been affected by the typhoon. “We’re still trying to reach our colleagues in eastern Visayas where the typhoon made landfall, but it’s been a challenge for the last 12 hours” as communication lines have been down, says Gjeff. “We haven’t heard from some of our colleagues since [Friday] morning.”

Jesus, help those who are helping others. Open up communication lines so that aid workers can plan relief and response strategies. Give them strength, stamina, and clear minds to work effectively and efficiently, so that they can help more people.

Pray for people in Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries

Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asia lies in the path of Typhoon Haiyan. Though slightly weakened, the storm’s 145 mph sustained winds are barreling toward the country still recovering from Typhoon Wutip in late September.

Dear Lord, help those in Haiyan’s path evacuate to a safe place, minimizing loss of life. Give government and humanitarian agency workers in Vietnam wisdom and discernment in preparing for the storm.”


To see World Vision’s prayer in its original format, click here.  Or to read more information from World Vision and to learn about ways you can partner with them to help the people of the Philippines, please visit their website.


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