Questions for Contemplation — Courage: Making & Keeping Commitments


Joshua 9

Be Like Gibeon:  Making Commitments (Any Motivation Will Do)

What motivates you to commit and submit to the Lord?  The Gibeonites were motivated by self-preservation.  Our Lead Pastor is motivated by reward.  What motivates you?

Be Like Israel:  Keeping Commitments (Even Foolish Ones)

What are some foolish commitments you have made (you failed to ask God, check references, or paid attention to red flags)?  Have you ever been thoroughly deceived by someone like Israel was with Gibeon?  And have you ever (like Israel) made good on a foolish commitment?

Covenant 101

Definition:  A covenant is a formal agreement entered through ceremony that creates a relationship with legal ramifications which God enforces through blessings for obedience and discipline for disobedience for all parties.

Is covenant a new idea for you?  How does covenant change our understand of relationships?  With God?  With spouse?  With church?


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