Surprised by Luke

I dread advent.  I don’t want to preach the same messages over and over again anymore than you want to hear them.  So I asked Emily to preach advent.  But I did suggest she use Luke 2, Jesus being presented at the temple—a text we haven’t preached at St. Paul’s before for advent.  

As we worked together co-ordinating the messages with communion, we were both surprised by Luke.  Luke, the gospel to the Gentiles, presents a thoroughly Jewish Jesus.  References to Israel are all over the first two chapters of Luke.   And Luke is teaching us that the story of Jesus is a new, old story.

And this is important.  As 21st century Americans, we are fascinated with the new.  And as a 21st century American church, we share this fascination.  But let’s remember that even the story of Jesus isn’t a new story.  It’s a new, old story. 

What God was doing with the birth of Christ is what God was already doing before.  And what God is doing now in our midst is what God has been doing all along.  There is continuity in human history.  That continuity is God.  God makes and keeps his promises to his people.  That’s what He’s always done.  That’s what he’ll always do.  


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