Seedlings this week: Sticking together!

From Judy Hawk
This past Sunday in Seedlings, the kids learned about faithfulness or sticking together in the good times and in the tough times.
To help them relate it to marriage and how it’s important for their moms and dads to stick together, we talked about it in relation to their friends or siblings and things that might be difficult that they might have to help them with. They gave examples of tough situations, like when a friend falls and scrapes their knee, and then we talked about what it would look like if they stuck by their side even though it might be scary and hard to see their friend hurt. A highlight from this discussion was when we asked the kids to tell us about their best friend; one of them piped up and said, “I don’t have any best friends, because everyone is my best friend!”
The kids then discussed what would happen if something difficult happened to their mom’s or dad’s (for example a broken leg, or a lost job) and how even in tough times, you should stick by your husband’s or wife’s side.
To understand sticking together and faithfulness a little more, we played a game. Before explaining the rules and playing the game we discussed faithfulness. From our lesson:  “Faithfulness means sticking together. Times get hard. There are a lot of challenges you will face. Faithfulness is being willing to stand by someone’s side during the good, the bad, the challenging, the fun, the hard – even when we don’t feel like it. Sometimes, we feel like it might be easier alone. Sometimes we don’t want to stay loyal to a friend, family member or spouse. However, we are taught that, in love, we are to stick it out with people.” The game involved completing an obstacle course, first by themselves and then with a partner. To make it more difficult the kids were really “stuck” together while they had to complete the difficult obstacle course. Two kids were placed in an extra large t-shirt together to complete the course. It was a lot of fun to do and watch and even the teachers took a turn. The kids were able to tell us what they thought of it and how it helped them understand sticking together.
We finished our time with a Bible verse and craft. The kids were each given a sheet of paper and asked to copy “Proverbs 17:17 Friends Stick Together” onto their paper. They decorated Popsicle sticks and glued them close to each other on the paper to represent friends sticking together. We practiced the verse together and repeated it until we had it memorized.
 A friend loves at all times. He is there to help when trouble comes.  Proverbs 17:17