Innocent Fearlessness

A Post from Doug Whittemore

When Adam and Eve in the Garden took of the forbidden fruit, why did they become so foolish? Was it only because Satan was so cunning in his deceit?

When Job speaks to his peers about their hypocrisy, he talks about how man searches for the rich minerals of the earth but none of it is so valuable as wisdom and understanding, neither of which can be dug from the earth. He tells them that wisdom is the fear of God and understanding the avoidance of evil (Job 27 &28).

When love is expressed at its fullest, it casts out fear and it makes itself vulnerable. When God walked with man in the Garden, fully revealing His love, did He not inevitably make Himself vulnerable to misunderstanding by this finite creation of His? Was not man, if careless enough in his undisciplined innocence, at risk to lose his fear of this God who was so awesome but so tender and loving at the same time?


Perhaps, fear of God is best seen in this light. How often does the modern believer focus on God’s love and forget to fear? We deceive ourselves into thinking that we can be so comfortable with God, even though we have lost our innocence—knowing full well our sin and our ancestor’s betrayals, yet we sometimes act as though we need never think of it. Our sin is removed as far as the east is from the west, but that is only by God’s grace; it is not for us to lose sight of, lest we fail even to remember how precious God’s grace is and how much sacrifice it caused Him.

Fear of punishment for the believer’s sin is banished by His mercy, but until we come home and God wipes the tears from our eyes, let us remember to always hold onto, by discipline, that anchor of fear of our Lord.